Touch HMI and Machine Monitoring

Touch HMI from Predator software, which can be customized by an approved Predator Software reseller, is a wonderful machine monitoring software tool. Quite a few publications have written about this shop floor solution:

Modern Machine Shop says: “Predator Touch HMI (human-machine interface). According to the company, the device replaces barcode readers, handheld terminals and proprietary shopfloor hardware; simplifies data collection on machine uptime; enables access to information via tablet, PC or CNC; and provides buttons to transfer NC programs or launch the part drawing on the shop floor for the operator. The HMI is designed to provide an easier way for operators on the shop floor to interact with management and Predator Software. Shop Floor Automations can customize color coding, layouts, prompts and third-party applications.” (Article Here)

MoldMaking Technology said about the product: “The HMI provides a user-friendly interface on the ‘front end,’ while Predator DNC handles multiple communication protocols on the ‘back end’.” They added “Ethernet protocols include FANUC FOCAS, Windows Share and FTP. FOCAS allows file transfers to and from CNC memory without the need to touch the control. It also can be leveraged for machine monitoring in the future without the added cost of hardware.” (Article Here)

MFG News also wrote about Touch HMI on Page 25 of this issue (article here), as well as having a nice mention from Fabricating & Metalworking (article here). Aerospace Manufacturing and Design also wrote about it (article here).

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