Easy Machine Monitoring Learning

Machine monitoring can be an intimidating software system to adopt into your shop floor operation. One company has taken a major step in making CNC data collection as user-friendly as possible.

DataXchange has an E-Learning program that uses a system of quizzes and videos to each the end user how to use the system. Here are some details:

DataXchange E-Learning – Get 12 months of access to video courses on every aspect of DataXchange. This is the best option for beginners, or if you want to train someone else to use it. The courses cover the topics of installation, understanding equipment/reporting groups, creating schedule reports, understanding shifts/shift assignments, modifying machine data, an overview of MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS, specific troubleshooting, configuration, and more. Each section has a quiz and the courses can be revisited for a refresher. Request info on DataXchange E-Learning